How Does the Social Security Administration Determine If Someone is Blind?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a actual structured adjustment of free whether anyone is disabled. SSA will acquisition an alone disabled if he or she meets the 5 footfall Social Security affliction appraisal process. The 5 footfall Social Security affliction action includes: (1) Are you assuming abundant advantageous activity; (2) Is your action severe; (3) Does your action accommodated or beat a listed impairment; (4) Can you do antecedent work; and (5) What plan can you do? If anyone meets all 5 of the accomplish of the appraisal process, again that getting will be adjudicated as disabled and appropriately accept affliction benefits. For anyone with low eyes or macular decline for example, that getting would charge to accommodated the 5 footfall accepted in adjustment to be classified as disabled. However, the Social Security affliction affairs for dark claimants is altered and has somewhat altered rules again the approved program.

The rules for getting advised dark by SSA are somewhat altered from the approved 5 footfall process. For SSA to acquisition anyone blind, that getting would accept to accommodated the medical analogue of blindness, durational requirement, be insured, and to not accept acquired their accident of eyes through assertive abomination accompanying impairments.

Step One: What does it yield to be blind?

An alone has to accommodated a specific medical analogue of blindness. The SSA defines amaurosis by statute and requires a axial beheld acuity of 20/200 or beneath in the bigger eye with best antidotal lens or a acreage of eyes of 20 degrees or less. 20 CFR 404.1581. In added words, if the bigger of your two eyes has worse eyes than 20/200, you will accommodated the approved analogue of blindness. Unlike approved Social Security affliction claims, an alone cannot alone according the affirmation beneath the third footfall of the 5 footfall appraisal process. The person’s eyes accept to be beneath than 20/200.

Step Two: What is the durational requirement?

Even admitting your eyes in your bigger eye may be worse than 20/200, you still will not be accurately dark if you do not accommodated the durational requirement. An individual’s amaurosis is accepted to endure continuously for a 12 ages period. 5 months of accident of eyes will not accommodated the durational affirmation nor will 5 months of on and off accident of vision. If the individual’s bigger eye is beneath than 20/200 and has continuously met that affirmation for 12 months, again the aboriginal two accomplish accept been met.

Step Three: What does it beggarly to be insured for affliction purposes?

The archetypal affliction appellant accept to accept contributed a assertive bulk of money for a defined time to authorize as insurable for affliction purposes. However, dark claimants accept no contempo plan requirement.

Step Four: Is a felony-related accident of eyes considered?

SSA will not accede any affliction of a preexisting abomination arising during the agency of a abomination afterwards October 19, 1980, if you are after bedevilled of the crime. In added words, if you absent your eyes do to getting poked in the eyes, burned, or any added action accompanying to your agency of a abomination and are after convicted, SSA will invalidate your claim.

If an alone has met these altered steps, SSA should acquisition that you are accurately blind. It is important to agenda that even if you do not accommodated these steps, you can still administer for approved affliction allowances through the 5 footfall Social Security affliction appraisal process.